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       LCL (Less than Container Load) is the loading of goods in which several exporters open a container

together. LCL Advantages: Save shipping costs when transporting small quantities or for a small amount of cargo, taking up less space because of the full container freight. Disadvantages of LCL: Since there are many owners in one container, when the goods arrive at their port of destination, they are still unable to Customs cleared and dragged out as fast as FCL because customs will have a time limit for the Open container

inspection Which may have a time limit of 3-5 days after the ship enters the port And another request is that

the products sent as LCL have to be packaged tightly to prevent damage to the product.Because the products

in the container are diverse, they may be stacked on top of each other and cause damage.

    FCL (Full Container load) is a full container load of goods. With only one exporter The

advantages of FCL: Customs clearance can be done faster than LCL. By dragging the cabinet straight away

Because there is no need to wait for the LCL opening time FCL disadvantages: can be more expensive than LCL if the quantity is too small.

    LCL (Less Than Container Load) is shared shipping in a container. Which will have various product owners Together in a container LCL advantage: Save transportation costs. When transporting small quantities or It is a product that takes up little space. Because there is no need to pay the full container freight But will pay the freight mainly through Dimension Disadvantages of LCL: Since there are many owners in one container. Made when the goods arrived at the port of destination Still can't Clear the goods through customs and drag the container out as quickly as FCL due to the carrier or port. Will have a set time for For opening containers To bring products into the warehouse at the port Therefore, each importer must first check with the Freight Forwarder that the container containing our products When will the cabinet open? Which may be scheduled for approximately 3-5 days after the ship arrives The ship has already been made, and some requests for this matter are that the LCL shipment has to be packed tightly to prevent damage to the cargo. Since the product in the cabinet is diverse, it may overlap. And then the damage can occur


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